Workplace Statistics

Workplace Statistics

Substance Abuse … the Corporate Raider

Employee substance abuse can create safety hazards for employers,

co-workers and the public. There are also the costs of lost business

opportunities arising from missed deadlines, diminished product quality,

and damaged business reputation. Look at these sobering statistics. 

  • Employee absenteeism – Problem drinkers are

    absent from work four to eight times more often than normal. Drug

    users are absent from work an average of five days per month due

    to substance abuse.

  • Less productivity – When they do show up, substance

    abusers are 33% less productive and cost their employers

    $7,000 annually.

  • Industrial fatalities – 47% of

    industrial injuries can be linked to alcohol abuse.

  • Workplace accidents – Drug using employees are

    four times more likely to be involved in workplace accidents and

    five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim.

  • Higher workers’ compensation costs – 38% to 50% of all workers’ compensation claims are related to substance


  • Higher medical costs – Substance abusers are

    three times more likely to use medical benefits than other employees.

  • Workplace theft – 80% of drug users

    steal from their workplaces to support their habits.

  • Workplace violence – Substance abuse is the

    third leading cause of workplace violence.