SWIF Premium Discount Program


SWIF Premium Discount Program

Drug Free Pennsylvania has formed a partnership with the State Workers’ Insurance Fund (SWIF) to offer their policyholders with premiums greater than $20,000 a discount on their workers’ compensation policy premium based on their level of participation in our Drugs Don’t Work Here program. Our program is an all-inclusive, low-cost solution to help you establish and maintain a drug-free environment in your company.

These discounts are intended to help you with some of the startup costs associated with implementing a drug-free workplace. Since the program began in 2001, over

$800,000 in premium discounts have been issued to SWIF policyholders who joined the Drugs Don’t Work Here program. The program is completely voluntary, and your company could realize up to a 5% one time premium credit, after policy expiration.

The credit obtained will be based on the number of Program Components adopted over the first 10 months of the policy period. This program offers a lot of flexibility. You can choose one (1) component or all five (5). The program can be structured to satisfy your own corporate culture by allowing you to implement fewer components to qualify for partial discounts.

Program Components and Discounts

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Policy Development 2%
Employee Assistance Program (3-Session Model) 1%
Employee Training 1%
Supervisory Training 1%
Drug and Alcohol Testing 1%
Premium Discount Formula
SWIF Policy Premium X Discount (%) = Premium Discount