Cause-Related Marketing


Cause-Related Marketing


Do you want to break through the clutter of mass media messages and differentiate your business? Create and manage your company’s brand through Drug Free Pennsylvania’s cause-related marketing (CRM) campaign.

Cause-related marketing is an imaginative and strategic market-based effort in which your company and Drug Free Pennsylvania form a cooperative market-based effort that enables your company.

  • Differentiate your services;
  • Enhance your image; and
  • Improve profitability.

In turn, your company helps Drug Free Pennsylvania increase awareness of the dangers of substance abuse and gives the organization financial support. Successful, consumer-savvy companies include CRM initiatives in their marketing plans.

Cause-related marketing is not a nebulous “feel good” thing. When done well, CRM makes commercial sense. To find out more about how you and Drug Free Pennsylvania can work together to create and build value and brand name please visit our Contact Us section.

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