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3rd Annual Media Literacy Conference

3rd Annual Media Literacy Conference

Media Literacy and Its Impact on Substance Abuse

March 25-26, 2010

Drug Free Pennsylvania’s third annual media literacy conference, Media Literacy and Its Impact on Substance Abuse, will feature three of the top authorities in the field of media literacy: Dr. Renee Hobbs from Temple University, Dr. Brian Primack from the University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Jean Kilbourne. The goal of the conference is to provide educators and other professionals with an understanding of the core concepts of media literacy to help teach kids how to make healthy lifestyle decisions regarding substance abuse.

Participants will gain the skills needed to reach our kids through interactive, hands-on applications in media literacy including: dissecting advertisements, writing public service announcements (PSA), and analyzing the way companies market their products. These skills can then be implemented in the classroom, or during after-school programs or family sessions.

Participants will also receive a free copy of The Media Straight Up! Critical Thinking Skills for Pennsylvania’s Youth curriculum guide.

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Workshops for Educators and Prevention Specialists

This training includes an introduction to media literacy, and a hands-on deconstruction of print and broadcast advertisements with an emphasis on process. Participants focus on developing analytical and technical skills related to viewing and producing media messages. Developing knowledge skills to deconstruct alcohol advertising and illegal drug messages is also included.

Workshops for Youth

This workshop engages youth to develop anti-drug public service announcements. It begins with planning, identifying target audiences, conducting research on attitudes, and selecting media venues for placing messages. Media involvement is a necessary element in the program. It culminates in creating youth-produced spots.

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