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Drug Free Pennsylvania is dedicated to reducing substance abuse across the Commonwealth through anti-drug public service campaigns, media literacy in schools, and the development of drug-free workplace programs for businesses. In an effort to further enhance our existing programs we conducted several surveys in recent years regarding the attitudes and beliefs of employers, employees, and middle school students towards substance use and abuse.

Drug Free Pennsylvania is committed to building a strong presence within communities all across Pennsylvania. By partnering with local companies and organizations through workplace programs and cause-related marketing initiatives, we create awareness about substance abuse and more importantly change behaviors.

In addition, we reach out to educate parents and provide assistance to troubled workers, their families and their employers. These efforts not only help people overcome substance abuse, but also allow our partners to align themselves with a worthy cause, increase goodwill and positively influence the attitudes and behaviors of the Commonwealth’s youth.

Please click on the links below to read the results of our surveys:


2005 Workplace Surveys

2003 Workplace Survey

2001 PA Middle School Survey