2003 Workplace Survey

2003 Workplace Survey

Drug Free Pennsylvania Conducts First of Its Kind Survey of PA Employers

In 2003, Drug Free Pennsylvania conducted a first-of-its kind survey to gauge Pennsylvania businesses’ awareness, policies, and practices regarding employee substance use and abuse. More than 450 businesses were surveyed in June and July of 2003. Key findings included:

  • Pennsylvania businesses are concerned about workers – Nearly eight in ten Pennsylvania companies are concerned about drug or alcohol abuse among employees.
  • Pennsylvania businesses reveal a “not in my office” attitude – Managers are roughly three to four times more likely to say that employee drug and alcohol abuse are serious problems at most Pennsylvania companies than to say that these issues are serious

    problems at their company.

  • Large companies are more sensitive than medium or small companies to the negative impact that employee drug and alcohol abuse can have on various aspects of their business.
  • Small businesses are trailing behind in implementing drug-free workplace strategies – 50% of small businesses had drug free workplace policies compared to 91% of medium-sized companies and 94% of large companies.