Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions

Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions

Building a better workplace. One employee at a time.

Managing the responsibilities—and meeting the needs—of your employees demands

a constant commitment to creating a safe, effective and efficient workplace,

and addressing employee drug use is one of the toughest challenges. You need

commonsense policies, backed by proactive communication and employee involvement.

You can try to build that solution piece-by-piece, or you can look for a partner who

offers a completely integrated service that is easy to administer, comprehensive and


Introducing Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions™

Building from the premise that a drug-free

workforce is a healthy one, Drug Free

Pennsylvania developed Drug-Free

WorkPlace Solutions, a comprehensive

service that provides Pennsylvania

employers with the most complete

and cost-effective solution available.

Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions focuses on

giving you the tools you need to create

and sustain a workplace that is both free

of drug abuse, and empowered to support

employees facing addictions or other issues

that can affect workplace productivity.

For more information on Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions, please visit www.drugfreesolutions.org.

Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions