Media Partnership Program

The Media Partnership is a statewide, multi-media drug abuse prevention program that partners the media and Drug Free Pennsylvania in a long-term strategy to prevent substance abuse. It is targeted toward three target audiences — non-drug users, occasional drug users, and those people who are significant influences on youth.

The Media Partnership focuses on promoting drug use resistance through public service announcements distributed to television, radio and print media outlets every six months. The high-quality public service announcements are simple, hard hitting and convey anti-drug messages.

In addition to its continual efforts to expand the media usage of the public service announcements, Drug Free Pennsylvania is exploring alternative venues to bring the anti-drug use message to Pennsylvania communities. Public service announcements will soon be appearing in Harrisburg Capital Area Transit system buses, malls throughout Pennsylvania, and senior centers in Dauphin County. Drug Free Pennsylvania is actively seeking partnership opportunities with corporations and community organizations to further communicate the anti- drug use message within Pennsylvania.