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new drug reverses the effects of overdose - drug free pennsylvania
Overdose reversal drug gives hope to PA’s heroin epidemic

It’s cheap. “Two bags sells for $40,” said by an undercover police detective. It’s easy to find. “I live in Camp Hill. It’s hitting home there. It is everywhere,” said Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed. It’s lethal. “It’s highly addictive …

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Winners of PSA Contest Featured on CBS 21

On May 29th 2014 Drug Free PA honored the students of Capital Area School of the Arts Charter School who participated in the winning PSA Video for the Media Literacy Sound Off! Contest.   …

Scott Serafini - Drug Free Pennsylvania Straight Talk for Parents
Addiction is everyone’s problem: Scott Serafini

Last week I came across an article on a social media site, posted there, from a website called “The New Republic.” The article indicated that physicians are being identified as having a huge responsibility in the rapidly increasing heroin addiction pro …

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Drug Free Program News
Road Safety for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are on the road constantly—even in the dangerous winter months. So it’s no surprise that safety is such a huge part of their job. As weather challenges arise, ensure you and your truck are prepared. Get a tune-up Change your tires and mak …

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Advertising in Video Games

It used to be that if people wanted to watch their favorite television shows, they had to suffer through commercials. As such, advertisers had captive audiences and could figure out what commercials to show to reach their target demographic at any give …

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Viral Marketing

When we think of an advertisement for a movie, we immediately think of a trailer or preview. However, what you may not realize is that the idea of said movie is being spread like a virus all around you. One such example is The Dark Knight. Sure, you’ve …