Sample Press Release

Sample Press Release (for adaptation)

Name of Event: ___________________________________________

Tag Line (if any): _________________________________________

For Immediate Release: _________________________________

Contact Name: ____________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________

Cell Number: _____________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________

Community Supports [Name of event]

[Date of event]

[MM/DD/YY, town and description of event here]. [Your group/organization] is raising funds and

awareness in order to increase the prevention of drug use and addiction. [Name of event] is taking place on [date] in , it is being held in memory of/celebrating recovery of [Name of person]. The event will benefit Drug Free Pennsylvania. “I am organizing this [name of event] in an effort to raise needed funds for Drug Free Pennsylvania. The mission to help parents prevent, intervene in and find treatment for drug and alcohol use by their children goes a long way to help families live healthy, drug free lives.

Sponsorships are being sought on various levels and for many aspects of the event. For more information or to volunteer, please visit the website: http://_____________________ [your event’s website].

Sponsors to date include:

[List sponsors here]

When: [Day, Date]

Where: [Address]

Time: [Details]

Cost: [$ per participant]

(Event) Director: [Name]