Our program encourages employers and labor unions to adopt comprehensive and compassionate workplace substance abuse programs. The program offers a multi-faceted approach to preventing alcohol and other drug problems in the workplace.

Members of our program are provided with a comprehensive drug-free workplace program that includes: an individually written substance abuse policy, a program manual that is updated periodically, technical assistance, and up-to-date information through newsletters and bulletins. Training is available for managers and supervisors to help companies establish drug-free workplaces. Through several consortia, members have access to lower-cost Employee Assistance Programs and drug and alcohol testing.

In 1997, there were 13.9 million current users of illicit drugs in the United States. More than six million of the current illegal drug users were employed full-time in 1997. An additional 1.6 million current users worked part-time. Drug-affected workers are less productive, miss more workdays, and are more likely to injure themselves or others. There are five times as many claims filed by substance abusers on workers’ compensation.

In the future, finding workers who are dependable and competent may become even more difficult. According to the University of Michigan Monitoring the Future Study, nearly a quarter of all eighth graders said they had tried marijuana and about half of all 12th graders.

Drug Free Pennsylvania continues to increase the number of business member companies as it works towards creating a drug-free business community in Pennsylvania. Drug Free Pennsylvania is also seeking to expand this program by offering drug and alcohol awareness information to parents in the workplace. Future plans also include developing technology for providing member services through satellite training and internet interactive workplace education.