Benefits of Our Program


Over 500 companies have participated in the Drugs Don’t Work Here program. Ranging from small businesses to large corporations, these members have implemented drug-free workplace programs. Member companies have been able to lower their accident rates and absenteeism while increasing productivity.

The Drugs Don’t Work Here program offers an opportunity for businesses to create or expand their policies and practices to educate all employees about substance abuse related problems. Most employees want to do a good job. Alcohol abuse is one of the most common substances used by workers. Because most drinkers are not suffering from addiction, but are more casual drinkers, they are typically open to messages about changes in their drinking behaviors. Alerting them to the consequences of occasional heavy drinking the night before work, or of any drinking during or immediately before work will enable the majority of them to make good choices, modify their behavior, and improve productivity for themselves and their companies. Drug Free Pennsylvania’s Drugs Don’t Work Here can help put a plan in place to accomplish that goal.

Members of the Drug Free Workplace receive personal attention and guidance in developing, implementing, and maintaining their drug free workplace program. Communicating on-line and via telephone, participating in workshops and trainings, publishing newsletters and bulletins, and providing on-site consultations are just some of the ways that Drug Free has served its business partners this year.